Ashley Coleman

Email: ashley (dot) coleman at cortland (dot) edu

My objective is to use my knowledge and become a physical education teacher, as well as a coach. I would like to coach varsity level field hockey.

Work History:
                Field Hockey Camp Counselor
                Camden Central Schools, Camden NY 13316 June 2006-present
At this job, I worked as a councilor at my local high school. I demonstrated field hockey skills, as well as help younger kids with theirs. During this camp I learned how to speak to kids, and help break down complicated things so that they can understand them.
                Ice Cream Server
                Carly’s Custard Creation, Blossvale NY 13308 June 2009-Septemeber 2009
At Carly's I worked as an ice cream server. I took orders, served, and collected money at this job. Here I learned to be enthusiastic towards all customers, and I also developed relationships with some of the regular customers. I feel that this job also helped with my "people" skills by giving more confidence when talking to different people, and how to deal with others.
                Dish Washer and Ice Cream Window
                Cinderella’s CafĂ©, Sylvan Beach NY 13308 June 2008-October 2008
At Cinderella's Cafe I was a dish washer, and I worked at the Ice Cream window. This job taught me the beginning stages of responsibility, such as arriving on time and making sure I was always doing something to help keep the restaurant clean. When I was working in the ice cream window, I feel I gained more "people" skills.
                Summer Recreation Counselor
                Town of Vienna, North Bay NY 13123 July 6 2010-August 14 2010
During summer recreation, I supervised the children (ages 3-16) with the other counselors. During camp we would play with the kids, do arts and crafts with them, took them to the Verona State Park on Mondays and Wednesdays for swim lessons, as well as serve the lunch and snacks. I feel this job gave me more responsibility when it came to watching over about 100 kids. It also showed me how each child was different and needed to be treated in a different way.
                Tops Market, Rome NY 13440 June 7, 2010 to August 6 2010
During the summer of 2010, I worked as a cashier at Tops in Rome NY. While I was working as a cashier I needed to learn how to deal with every kind of customer. I also learned how to be friendly to each customer, and make them each feel special.
                Camden High School
                Camden NY 13316, September 2005-June 2009
At high school, I had good grades (averaging a 92 grade point average all of my years there). I managed to maintain my grades even while playing sports all year round (field hockey, volleyball, and softball). When I graduated I finished 23rd in my class, and I received honors for being on National Honor Society. I also received a 500 dollar scholarship from McConnellsville Elementary (my elementary school).
                SUNY Cortland
                Cortland NY 13045, September 2009-Present
Right now I am currently enrolled as sophomore at SUNY Cortland and pursuing a degree in physical education with a minor in health. During my freshman year I passed all my classes, and finished the year with a 2.8 grade point average.
Volunteer Work:
                Over the course of the past two years, I have steadily volunteered in the Special Needs classroom at McConnellsville elementary school. While I was in high school I also volunteered at multiple field hockey camps.
Language Skills:
                Intermediate Spanish
                Kim Coleman Teacher Aide McConnellsville, Blossvale NY 13308
Sandy Soule Carly's Custard Creations Owner, Blossvale NY 13308
Patricia Kimball Retired English Teacher at Camden High School, Blossvale NY 13308